Winter Holiday 2015 is an event added to the CountryLife game in December 17th, 2015.

Lots of Winter decorations has been added in the shop (buyable with Ranch Cash for most of them).

Holiday Sweaters Edit

Holiday Sweaters are special sweaters made in the weaver with wool or black wool and weaver tickets. Holiday sweaters have 15 different pictures on them and the player cannot choose which picture will appear on a patterned Holiday sweater. If you succeed in collecting the 15 Holiday sweaters, you get the Winter Landscape for free, instead of buying it with 149 RC.

Weaver Tickets Edit

Weaver tickets are special items which don't appear in the inventory. You can ask neighbors to send you weaver tickets (limited to 3 tickets a day). Added to black wool in the weaver, it will produce a patterned Holiday sweater instead of a simple wool sweater or black wool sweater.