A Weaver in CountryLife is a machine that processes either wool or Angora Hair to produce sweaters. The Weaver may be purchased from the Store for 10,500 coins if you have reached level 24 or it may be gifted by neighbors. The Weaver has a footprint of 2 x 2 squares.

Description in gameEdit

The Weaver takes Wool or Angora Hair and waves it into nice Sweaters.


The Weaver requires bundles of wool produced by sheep or bundles of Angora hair produced by Angora rabbits.


The Weaver produces finished sweaters, which appear on the bench in front of the machine. It takes 60 seconds to produce one sweater. The sweaters sell for different prices, depending on the type of fiber:

Product Sale Price Profit
Wool Sweater 95 + 60
Angora Sweater 118 + 43
Black Wool Sweater 95 + 60

In addition, each filling operation (adding a bundle of wool or Angora hair) generates one XP for the farmer.


Bundles of wool or Angora hair are supplied on and beside a board on the side of the machine. Up to three bundles may be placed in the input stack. The Weaver will start processing immediately whenever there is at least one bundle on the input stack. When a sweater is produced, it will appear on the bench in front of the machine and one bundle will disappear from the input stack.

A small switch on the side of the machine allows you to select the type of fiber which will be loaded into the machine. You can change the type while the machine is running, so it is possible to have bundles of wool and Angora hair in the input stack at the same time. The bundles will be processed in the order that you added them to the stack and the sweaters will appear on the bench in the same order.

Clicking on the input board adds a bundle of the selected type of fiber, if you have any in the barn, to the input stack.

Clicking on the bench collects a sweater, if one is there. Further clicks will add bundles to the input stack, if there are are no more than two bundles present.

Food chainsEdit

Wheat Merino Sheep Wool Weaver Wool Sweater
Wheat Welsh Sheep Black Wool Weaver Black Wool Sweater
Carrots Angora Rabbit Angora Hair Weaver Angora Sweater

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