The Oil Press was put into the game in June, 9th 2015. It is used to make olive oil from olives with a profit of 91 coins per items. The Oil Press has a footprint of 2 x 2 squares and can be rotated. The Oil Press is purchased for 1,000 coins and is available at level 5. If no longer required, it can be sold for 100 coins. This item cannot be gifted by neighbors. *Hey anybody! My game wont let me collect the olive oil! Help!*

Description in gameEdit

The Oil Press uses a traditional process of cold pressing to extract Olive Oil. It requires 3 crates of Olives to make one bottle of oil.


The Oil Press requires 3 olives which are processed in 45 seconds. Unprocessed olives sells for 18 coins each, for a total of 54 coins, but processing it using the Oil Press adds an additional profit of 91 coins.


The Oil Press produces olive oil. This can be sold for 145 coins per unit. Olive oil cannot be processed any further at the moment in the game. Each olive oil collected generates 3 XP for the farmer.

Food chainsEdit

Olive Tree Olives Oil Press Olive Oil
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