Ketchup in the online game CountryLife is made in a Ketchup Wiz from 3 tomatoes.

The Ketchup Wiz can store three crates of tomatoes. It produces one bottle of ketchup in 45 seconds if the 3 crates are in place and there are no more than two finished bottles on the output bench.

One bottle of ketchup sells for 175 coins; profit 64 (after allowing for the sale prices of tomatoes forgone).


Collecting bottles of ketchups enable to earn Katch-up! ribbons.

KetchupRibbon 5 40 XP 90 XP 325 XP 350 700 XP 1,000 1,200 XP
50 OP 135 OP 450 OP 900 OP 1,350 OP
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