An Irrigation system is equipment that supplies water to field crops. Irrigation reduces the growing time of any crop by 15%.

An Irrigation system consists of one Water Well, one Water Pump, and many Irrigation Pipes and Sprinklers. A CountryLife farm can have only one irrigation system.


The first step in constructing an irrigation system is to build a Water Well. To do that, you must purchase a Water Well kit from the Store (25,000 coins). You must then solicit help from neighbors to drill the well and install a water pump. You must also acquire materials (Stones, Wood Beams and Irrigation Pipes) to complete the construction of the well. The materials are usually obtained by gifting. The details of the well construction, including the quantities of all the materials, are described on the Water Well page.

After the well has been constructed, you can begin deploying Sprinklers.


Like all the other parts, sprinklers are acquired by gifting (or by spending Ranch Cash). You can install sprinklers, as you acquire them, on the crop squares that you wish to irrigate. Each sprinkler provides water for one crop square. The sprinklers should start working as soon as you install them. Sprinklers may be installed while crops are growing. Because the sprinklers affect the growing time of the crops, you will probably want to deploy them in sections, to simplify harvesting and planting.

If you move a square, the sprinkler will move with it. Be careful--if you delete a square that has a sprinkler, you will lose that sprinkler.


The initial water well that you construct can supply enough water for 50 Sprinklers.

The irrigation system can be upgraded, in stages, so that it can ultimately irrigate 300 squares of field crops. Clicking on the well will show you what you need to get to the next level.

The following table shows the quantity of materials that you must accumulate to upgrade a Water Well to each level and the capacity of the well (the number of squares that it can irrigate) at that level.

Level Stones Wood Beams Pipes Sprinklers Capacity
1 25 8 15 50 50
2 25 0 15 25 75
3 35 0 25 50 125
4 45 0 35 75 200
5 55 0 45 100 300

You must acquire all the parts for each level before you can upgrade to the next level. In particular, that means that you must deploy the maximum number of sprinklers that your well can support before you can upgrade the well.

Once you reach level 5, clicking on the well will no longer bring up a form to solicit more sprinklers. By that time, however, your neighbors will be so accustomed to sending you sprinklers every day that you probably won't have to ask.

Further extensions 2010-2011Edit

"Irrigation upgrade!
"Five new levels added to the Water Well so you can now install sprinklers to all your plots!"