Easter 2016 is an event added to the CountryLife game in March 25th, 2016.

Lots of Easter decorations has been added in the shop (buyable with Ranch Cash only), as well as 3 new types of chickens, which produces colorful eggs which can be used as Leghorn Eggs.

Easter Eggs Edit

Easter Eggs can be made in the Egg Dyer with eggs and Color Kits. Easter Eggs have 15 different models and the player cannot choose which model will appear on a Easter Egg. If you succeed in collecting the 15 Easter Eggs, you get the Mushroom House for free, instead of buying it with 49 RC.

Color Kits Edit

Color Kits are special items which don't appear in the inventory. You can ask neighbors to send you color kits (limited to 5 color kits a day). Added to eggs in the egg dyer, it will produce an Easter Egg.