You can plant clover as part of playing CountryLife. It is ready to be harvested after 4 hours, but should be left until pollinated if you have a beehive, because the bees produce honey (worth 5 coins per jar) from the sugar they collect from each clover patch.

Description in gameEdit

Clover is great as fodder for your Cows. If you have Bees, they will pollinate it and make Honey before harvesting.

Availability levelsEdit


Reward for plantingEdit


  • Hours: 4
  • Sale price: 20 coins
  • Profit: 5 coins
  • Profit per hour: 1.25 coins
  • Profit if pollinated: 10 coins
  • Profit per hour if pollinated: up to 2.5 coins (pollination is never instantaneous)
  • Experience points per hour: 0.25
  • Alternative uses:
    • Feed to a cow for an extra 5 coins when selling the milk, or still more if the milk is processed.
    • Feed to a Turkey for an extra 115 coins when selling black feathers, or more with white feathers.


Harvesting clovers plots enable to earn Game Clover ribbons.

CloverRibbon 35 XP 80 XP 325 250 XP 1,500 575 XP 4,500 1,000 XP 9,000 2,000 XP
50 OP 150 OP 500 OP 1,000 OP 1,500 OP 2,500 OP

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