The Cheese Master is used to make cheese from milk with a profit of 7 coins per cheese. A Cheese master, which can be gifted, is usually one of the first pieces of gear a new farmer will use, as milk is available straight away from the Holstein Cow present at the start of the game.

The Cheese Master has a footprint of 2 x 2 squares and can be "rotated". The Cheese Master is available for purchase for 4500 coins at level 13. If no longer required, it can be sold for 90 coins which is an insult. This item can be gifted by neighbors who are at level 8 or above.


The Cheese Master requires milk, which is processed in 30 seconds. Unprocessed milk sells for 25 coins, but processing it using the Cheese Master adds an additional profit of 7 coins. In order to produce milk, clover and a Holstein Cow are also required.


The Cheese Master produces cheese, which can be sold for 32 coins per unit. Cheese cannot be processed any further in the game at the moment. Each process also generates one XP for the farmer

Food chainEdit


Clover - Cow - Milk - Cheese Master - Cheese

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