CountryLife has a rare currency known as "Ranch Cash" or "RC".

You are given one RC and some coins every time you achieve a higher level.

You may also buy RC for real money or acquire it for succumbing to various advertiser offers (not all requiring real cash).

Ranch Cash is required or optional for a number of improvements you may want.

Optional purchases with RCEdit

  • 30 (or 15,000 coins): expand ranch to 17x17, ie 289 tiles; 64 new tiles @ 234 coins, needing a couple of days to break even, if you have a baker and a weaver, more if not
  • 40 (or 35,000 coins with 9 neighbors): expand ranch from 17x17 to 19x19, ie 361 tiles; 72 new tiles @ 486 coins, needing at least 4 days to break even
  • 50 (or 75,000 coins with 11 neighbors): expand ranch to 21x21, ie 441 tiles; 80 new tiles @ 937 coins, needing at least 7 days to break even
  • 60 (or 150,000 coins with 13 neighbors): expand ranch to 23x23, ie 529 tiles; 88 new tiles @ 1705 coins, needing at least 13 days to break even
  • 60 (or 150,000 coins): expand ranch with a Small Yard
  • 70 (or 350,000 coins with 15 neighbors): expand ranch to 25x25, ie 625 tiles; 96 new tiles @ 3646, needing at least 30 days to break even
  • 70 (or 350,000 coins): expand ranch with a Medium Yard
  • 80 (or 750,000 coins with 17 neighbors): expand ranch to 27x27, ie 729 tiles; 104 new tiles @ 7270, needing at least 60 days to break even
  • 80 (or 750,000 coins): expand ranch with a Large Yard9, ie 841 tiles;
  • 90 (or ? coins with 19 neighbors): expand ranch to 29x2112 new tiles

Note that if you try to buy the 19x19 without the 17x17 you can expect to be told

"You need to purchase the 17x17 ranch expansion first."

Acquisitions that need RCEdit

(Except that some can be gifted)

3: 500 automatic operations

See also French version