An Angora Rabbit is an animal that can be gifted or bought in CountryLife.

If gifted, it will say:

Collect in: 90 seconds
Sell for: 70 coins

Check that your farm has a clear grassy space of size 2 x 2. Click "Use" and your rabbit will appear on your farm in a little enclosure, which can be moved to a preferred 2x2 location and clicked into place.

Don't sell it unless your farm is at maximum profitability. When you reach level 14 you will be able to buy one for 3,500 coins!!! Meantime, if it's your first or you still don't know everything it could do for you, ask someone who knows.

Description in gameEdit

Feed the Angora Rabbit with Carrots to get Angora Hair.


They eat carrots.

A rabbit's manger can hold three loads of carrots. Try a fourth and a red warning tells you "Angora Rabbit is full!" - which doesn't quite match the likely state of affairs if you have just refilled an empty manger, so we assume it means "manger is full".


After about 90 seconds you will see a brief shearing operation, after which a neat bundle of Angora Hair appears beside the rabbit. Click that once to send it to the barn, then click again in the same spot to send another load of carrots to the manger.

Food chainEdit

Carrots Angora Rabbit Angora Hair ...and further products to make with it...

Hints and tipsEdit

At early stages of the game, selling the hair is the best thing to do with it. Later you have another option, when the hair can be turned into Angora Sweaters by a weaver, one of the most profitable things you can do.

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